What We Do

bdHousing.com is the leading real estate agency in Bangladesh that is aimed to offer the most dynamic and one-stop solution to all the property buyers and sellers. Our pioneering real estate service concepts have resulted in some of the most exciting and truly remarkable real estate projects in the country. bdHousing.com has the appeal and proximity of a local realtor with the experience of a realty giant! We will guide you through every aspect of the purchase, sale, leasing, and management of residential and commercial real estate. While getting prepared to buy a property, what are the most important things to consider? Trustworthiness? Reliability? Home loan? Legal advice? or Property booking? Well, if you get along with bdHousing.com, you can avail all those services and stay stress-free throughout your buying and selling phase. Now, what we do? Check the following points.


Property Search & Shortlisting

You live a very busy life. You don't have enough time to call a real estate broker and ask for a suitable property that you may feel interested in. Well, if you are in this position, then don't worry. Becuase, bdHousing.com is here to help your property searching activity with a vast database. It includes different types of property of different location across the whole country. You will just have to go through different properties, shortlist them, and let us know for further help. 


Site Visit

You are happy with the property, it's location, and it's price as well. Now, you need to visit the location. Without visiting it, you cannot decide whether you shall go for it or not. On that note, just let bdHousing.com come to rescue you. We will arrange a day and take you to the property location. Our expert realtors will show you the surroundings and help you with everything you need to see or know about that certain property. 



Home Loan Assistance

You are happy with your finding. The property is good and it is in your preferred location as well. What next? You have probably started thinking about a home loan, which is, of course, not a simple task. There are so many banks and tons of scheme. Which one would be suitable for you? bdHousing.com's home loan assistance can come as the ultimate reliever on that note. 



Legal Advice

You just cannot avoid legal documentation while going through property buying or property selling process. Apparently, it is the most important part to check. If you don't have adequate idea how to handle those legal matters, don't worry. bdHousing.com can help you at any moment. 



Property Booking

The last, but not the least, property booking. You are happy with your property. You have solved home loan issues. The legal papers are OK. But, you don't have enough idea about property booking. What to do then? Don't waste a second. Just ask bdHousing.com for assistance. Your job will be done. As simple as that. 

Searching for a Trustworthy Real Estate Agency?

Let bdHhousing.com help you with optimum property searching & shortlisting efficiency, site visit option, legal advice, home loan assistance, and property booking facility. Don't delay!