Wouldn't it be nice, if potential homeowners, entered into the process, with their eyes - wide - open, and, as prepared, as possible, so there were far fewer surprises, once they moved in? Many rely, merely, on the Inspection report, from their hired engineer, or home inspector, and ask far too few questions, or take certain things, for granted or minimize them. With that in mind, this article will briefly attempt to consider, review and discuss, 7 specific areas, where potential owners, fail to pay sufficient attention, and/ or focus.


1. Check every electric socket, and light switch

The electric system, involves, far more than, merely the electric box (circuit breakers, etc), and overall wiring. If you want fewer surprises and unanticipated expenses, use a tester, to check every socket, to ensure it functions, properly. Turn - on, and off, every light switch, in the house. This is a relatively, simple, basic process, but, is far too often, neglected and/ or ignored, etc!


2. Thoroughly inspect basement

A house's basement tells one, much about the rest of the house! Perform a nose - test, and ask, others, to do so, also, to notice, if there are any odors, which seem to indicate mildew, or worse! Also, look at the utility room, boiler room, etc, and observe the condition, from the floor - to - ceiling! Don't forget to ensure there is an intact, professional pest contract.


3. Look at the attic

Look at as much of this area, as possible. Does there seem, to be drafts and/ or, air - leaks, or any animal droppings, or accumulated moisture?


4. Walk - around the property

Are there any uneven areas of the property? How is the land, pitched? What is the condition of trees, shrubs, etc? Look at the paved areas, including driveways, walkways, steps, and exposed areas of the home's foundation, and consider necessities, and faults. Will the design of the property, meet your needs, and usage?


5. Inspect windows and doors

Open, and close, every window. Do they lock, and seal efficiently? Is there any noticeable air - leaks, or cracks? Approximately, how old are the windows? Check exterior doors, and evaluate the area around the hinge, and floor. Do the doors close properly and effectively? Interior doors must meet your anticipated needs, and requirements, also!


6. Run water/ inspect all toilets

Turn every faucet, on, and off. Does the pressure seem proper? Are there any drips? Flush every toilet, and examine, its efficiency, and whether, it runs - on, after flushing.


7. Recheck, during various weather conditions

How does the house, handle, rain, window, etc, and other relevant variables? Some houses appear wonderful during ideal conditions, but far less so, during extreme scenarios.


Potential homeowners should always hire a professional, to inspect and examine a home, before they finalize their contract. In addition, paying attention to these 7 items is most worthwhile.

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